Dr Malte Magold, Magold Walter & Hermann – Criminal Law & Litigation Law Firm of the Year

What does it feel like to be awarded law firm of the year in this segment, and how do you think it might impact the firm and its team?

With no doubt, I feel honored to be the winner of this important award. The award shows that our hard work, our struggles for permanent advanced training and our constant pursuit for becoming better every day in the sum of our attitudes, now is officially rewarded. We are all proud and feel honored for that. Appreciation is a wonderful thing, it is motivating for the whole team – the mission “title defense” is on.

This award is an incentive not to preserve our level of quality in supporting our clients, but to further improve it.


Why do you believe the firm has won this award, making it a leading firm in the German criminal law & litigation arena?

I see this as an appreciation of us being one of the most attractive providers of services concerning criminal law and litigation. We are modern, fast, effective, passionate, competent and creative, in the sense of finding the best way out. This combination may be the secret of our success.

Our job is quite simple: The goal is to always achieve the best possible result for clients, full stop.

As a defendant, the above is my approach, and I therefore have a definite mandate to co-organise the trial, which sometimes leads to unavoidable conflicts with the attorney at law and the court.
But it is our primary mission to emphasize the interests of our clients – against all hurdles.


What are the firm’s best capabilities in resolving criminal law matters for its clients?
All our lawyers are absolute experts in their areas. We all have the following attributes: hard-working, creative, persistent, clever and passionate. I assure that myself and my team, are the ones at court with the deepest knowledge about the case file. In regards to creativity, we like to draft an individual elaborated conception for the defense on each individual case; persistency requires us to be fearless and to not withdraw from confrontation. In order to go that extra mile, we have to be clever, which sometimes means taking the byway is the actual road to a successful result.

The final requirement to success is evidently loving my business and work and my clients can always feel this reflected in our work.


What does the firm put before anything else when it comes to the clients? What are its core values?

It is our job to achieve the best possible way out of a very uncomfortable situation for our client. The client is in focus, first and foremost. Therefore, we simply do anything appropriate, clever and – of course – legally possible. This leads to us gaining full trust from our clients and so, I would see this as our core value.


Can you detail a particular case the firm has helped resolve in the realm of criminal litigation and how did the firm prove its methods differently to others in this scenario?

Discretion makes it impossible for me to outline a specific case here, as you will understand. What distinguishes us from others, is our very personal and tailored approach that I would call a system of conceptual defense. We simply want to win and this winner mentality leads to us fighting as hard as possible for our clients. Together with them, we draft out a very individual, custom-made concept for defense in each single case.


How else do you believe Magold, Walter & Hermann differs from other German specialist law firms?

We try to work harder, longer and more effective. And we have a very special sense of humour!


What are the firm’s goals for the future, especially as we enter 2017? How do you believe your teams can achieve these?

The challenge we are facing is the steadily growing transparency of quality in law services. Whether a firm is favoured and successful or not, everybody can see (or seems to be able to see) this through digital content in the internet. Already today, evaluation portals on the web are getting more and more important to be taken as the source of choice when looking for a lawyer. This is a challenge, but we rather see this as a great chance for us at success, because service and client satisfaction become transparent for all potential future clients using this source of information. So, the goal remains to offer best possible service and ensure clients are happy, so we can share their enthusiasm, when the case is closed.


Does Magold, Walter & Hermann have a motto it lives by in service to its clients?

In German, our motto is: MWH = Mehr Wert haben (deutsch) Mehr Einsatz, mehr Kompetenz, mehr Leidenschaft.

In English, it translates to: MWH = added value More commitment, more competence, more passion.