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51 LEGAL AWARDS 2019 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Germany Law Firm for Rüdiger Gust INHERITANCE LAWYER OF THE YEAR About Rüdiger Gust Specialized inheritance lawyer Business information: Rüdiger Gust, licensed lawyer since 1991, founded his firm in 1995 after working at the district court of Kulmbach during his legal clerkship, the public prosecution department of Bayreuth and the government of Upper Franconia. Area of influence: Through his persistent and consequent specialisation and further education combined with years of experience, Rüdiger Gust has gained a great reputation on a national and international level. His client base is spread all over Germany as well as beyond its borders. Achievments: The solicitor is an established expert in inheritance law, as well as questions regarding the following topics under German law • Last will, executorship • Legacy, portio legitima • Devolution upon death, community of heirs • Succession of business Rüdiger Gust involves topics such as real estate law, inheritance tax law and practical psychiatry when it comes to the testator´s capacity. He has gathered capacious knowledge throughout the time due to further education and experience in said fields, giving him the ability of working together with e.g. competent architects when it comes to evaluating and as the case may be refuting real estate value or the ability to make a will. His cooperation with colleagues abroad through the German Association for the Law of Succession and Estates (“DVEV”) makes him a popular coordinator in cases regarding complicated questions about hereditary law, succession of assets and succession of business which do not go under German laws. Lawyers of similar subject groups often recommend him when their capacities reach their limits. Being an executor of estate certified be the DVEV, Rüdiger Gust often gives advice to colleagues when it comes to legal and economic questions. Noteworthy information: Rüdiger Gust absolved his studies at the universities of Würzburg and Bayreuth. After his legal clerkship he worked for a prestigious law firm in the United States of America. In 2006 he was one of the first inheritance lawyers in the local court district of Kulmbach. Mr Gust visits far more courses for advanced education than he legally requires, for example with the Academy of German lawyers (DeutscheAnwaltAkademie) or the Institute of German lawyers (Deutsches Anwaltsinstitut). In addition to attending these courses, he also lectures in seminars for enterprises. These lectures include inheritance law in general as well as specialized information about digital inheritance. Rüdiger Gust is an authorized representative in all district courts, state courts and higher regional courts. RÜDIGER GUST Expert In: • Law of Inheritance • Certified executor of estate (DVEV – German regulations) Factors of Success Rüdiger Gust impresses with his professionalism, specialized expert knowledge and more than 25 years of experience as an outstanding lawyer. The congenial solicitor knows very well how to explain complicated issues to his clients in a comprehensible manner. His commitment and empathy are the key to his success. Contact Anwaltskanzlei Rüdiger Gust Fachanwalt für Erbrecht Marktplatz 12 95359 Kasendorf Tel: (0 92 28) 99 61 80 Fax: (0 92 28) 9 96 18-18 Email:

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