Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2019

74 LEGAL AWARDS 2019 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM PatentAxis Inc. Canada INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR Firm Profile Every win fuels greater efforts to strive to provide clients with success. Just as securing a patent for a client is inspiring, so is a win from Lawyer Monthly Magazine. This recognition is much appreciated and enthusiastically accepted. PatentAxis Inc. is a Canadian patent services firm located in Toronto, specializing in patent filing and prosecution. For local clients, patent portfolios and international filing strategies are managed and executed. International clients are represented for Canadian patent prosecution to achieve grant of a Canadian patent. A high premium is placed on client relationships. Whether the client is a local start-up or a large international law firm, PatentAxis Inc. is committed to clear communication, transparent billing and steadfast pursuit of patent protection. A major emphasis is placed on prompt communication with clients and providing clients with clear and practical advice to allow clients to make informed and educated decisions. The firm endeavours to provide clients with a competitive advantage in relation to patents. Typically, this means successfully obtaining a patent for a client. But, sometimes providing a patent analysis or strategy tailored to a client’s commercialization goals can be significant. Accessibility and direct responses to clients wishing to discuss strategy or query a patent practice is a cornerstone of the firm’s service model. Open communication channels provide clients with opportunities to make informed decisions when considering multiple parallel options that can arise during filing and prosecution and ultimately obtain patents that are better correlated with client goals. Understanding client objectives and providing pragmatic guidance in view of these objectives is a hallmark of the firm’s business approach. Strong client communication skills underlie this approach. Whenever feasible, multi-faceted choices inherent in patent prosecution are distilled within the context of client objectives to represent available choices in a practical format of risks and opportunities to allow clients to select choices best suited to their objectives. Guidance and consultations provided to clients is based on a nimble client service model that assesses and adapts to each client’s goals and needs. Billing models can be either based on hourly rates or fixed fees. Historically, a majority of clients provided with both options have chosen fixed fees. Responding to client demand, a fixed fee structure has been developed for full Canadian prosecution from filing to grant. PatentAxis Inc. is dedicated to explicit and plain billing, so that invoices are aligned with expectations. About Jai Chatterjee Jai Chatterjee is a Director of PatentAxis Inc., and has over a decade of experience helping clients obtain patent protection for various technologies. His scientific background is in the health sciences having received a PhD in Biochemistry from McGill University. Early in his career his patent practice related to medical and biotechnology fields as a natural progression from his doctoral research, but over the years he has helped a great variety of clients having diverse technologies to the point that now discussions on most technologies are welcome. Jai gratefully accepts this accolade from Lawyer Monthly on behalf of PatentAxis Inc. and provides further comments expressing appreciation: “I am delighted to have PatentAxis Inc. included among winners of the Legal Awards 2019 survey. These surveys serve as useful indicators of being on the right track, and provide a validation from existing clients. The firm is excited to celebrate this award as a reflection of a roster of trusted client relationships and sends heartfelt thanks to those who took time out of their schedules to cast favourable votes and make this win possible.” PATENTAXIS INC. Areas of Practice • Patent search • Patent landscape review and analysis • International patent application prosecution • Canadian national phase patent prosecution • Patent portfolio management Contact Jai Chatterjee PatentAxis Inc. 67 Yonge Street, suite 602, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1J8 Canada T: +1-416-556-2999 E: W:

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