Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2019

85 LEGAL AWARDS 2019 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Japan Sato International Legal Office Co. IMMIGRATION & NATIONALITY LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR About Keiko Sato Keiko Sato is the representative partner and the founder of Sato International Legal Office Co. After graduated from Keio University with Bachelor degree of Arts, major in Western History (which is oldest University of Japan from just one era before Meiji era, founded by famous enlightenment thinker and present 10,000 Yen Bill character – as next character Eiich Shibusawa will succeed - Yukich Fukuzawa ) Keiko joined a Top Leading Construction Company, belonging to the International Division. After joining another domestic Law Firm, she qualified as an Administrative Solicitor (government career qualification), and founded and opened ‘Sato International Legal Office Co., Visa & Immigration, Legal Support’ in 2000, specializing in Immigration & Nationality fields. Also as materials of her Multitalented, she belonged to Cartoon ( Manga ) Club as Extracurricular Activities in her high-school days and also Movie Club in her University days. So ‘ Sato—chan character ’ is her own drawing ( has Trademark registration ) and her favorite Movies are also ‘ Plenty’, ‘Otto e Mezzo (8 1/2 )’ and ‘ the way we were’ which enable her deepunderstanding of customers idea from all over the world. Firm Profile Sato International Legal Office Co. has almost 20 years history as an Immigration & Nationality Law Firm. After being broadcasted by several TV programs and published in many books and magazines, in 2014 the firm was awarded by Ex-Imperial Family ‘Special Award-Prestigious Higash-kuninomiya International Prize’ because of their contribution for supporting companies and individuals who have needs for auto-bound and in-bound problems. Around this award the range of the activities of the firm expanded to global area, especially after joining in IBA (International Bar Association) in 2011 and participating in IBA Conferences in many cities abroad. The number of the nationalities of clients and acquaintants of the firm exceeded to 100 countries and the activities of the firm expanded to different fields such as International Business, supporting diplomacy as Public Diplomacy and coping with many consultations from various fields and global areas. Awarded and entitled from many countries such as invited as Immigration Task Force of some Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of some Lawyers Association, meeting & setting with Ambassadors, Ministers and sometimes Ex-Prime Minister, we, Sato International Legal Office Co. as the International Lawyer’s Law Firm are continuing to grow as an overwhelming pioneer. SATO INTERNATIONAL LEGAL OFFICE CO. Areas of Expertise • Visa & Immigration, Nationality • Real Estate • International Business • Energy Fields • Art & Heritage • Medical Fields Contact Keiko Sato Representative Partner & Founder T: +81-3-5155-7107 E: W: Higashi-kuninomiya International Prize Awarded for organisation of the International Immigration Lawyer Office and great efforts supporting Japanese companies to start up activities overseas and for foreign companies and foreigners lives and activities in Japan. sato-chan®

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