Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2021

Conan J. Higgins Veteran Carriers 29 General Counsel of the Year LAWYER MONTHLY LEGAL AWARDS 2021 USA Can you tell us about your motivation in establishing TSI Legal Enterprises? I am what I call a “later-in-life” lawyer, meaning I had another career prior to attending law school. My goal in establishing TSI Legal Enterprises, PC was to create a vehicle for international legal and business advisory without the cumbersome aspect of a big firm. Working for myself allowed me the flexibility to choose which projects to accept and how to prioritize my efforts. What changes have you seen in the sector over the past two years? The past two years have seen increasing regulation and compliance requirements in the USA and for US companies working abroad. COVID-19 restrictions have hampered the free movement of goods and people throughout the free market economy. However, I think this will soften and even revert to previous standards as the pandemic subsides. If you had to give three pieces of advice to an up-and-coming lawyer, what would they be? For up-and-coming lawyers, I think the most important piece of advice is to never settle for mediocrity. Always strive for improvement and never rest on your laurels. Secondly, focus on the legal work that energises or truly interests you, because the days can be long, the work tiresome, and often there is no pat on the back at the end. Finally, enforce a balance between work and those people, activities, and places that are important to you. I have yet to meet anyone retiring from any field who says they wish they’d spent more time working. What is next for TSI Legal Enterprises and yourself in the year ahead? My career has given me experience in the corporate sector ranging from field work and subject matter expertise in nonpermissive environments to management consulting, project management, C-level positions, and corporate counsel. My work has led to overseeing projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait to the Philippines, Latin America, Africa, and the United States. Although I have spent the better part of the last decade advising clients on FCPA and ITAR compliance, often on-the-ground and in rapidly evolving situations, I am now focused on the interstate trucking sector in the US. I recently moved to the position of General Counsel for the largest trucking company in Savannah, Georgia and am entrusted with directing DOT, NHTSA, and other Federal and State safety programs for over 150 drivers as well as another 50 administrative and maintenance employees.

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