Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 11 TURKEY/ TÜRKIYE side passed away last year due to cancer. Until two days before he passed away, he worked from the hospital bed. My grandfather told me that I was the future of Dayıoğlu Family and of Dayıoğlu Legacy, that no matter what I should carry on with my professional life. A wish that I’ll honour and carry out for the rest of my life. Again, this showed me where I was coming from. This is in my genes. This is in my family. And I am proud of all of them. I am a proud daughter of her parents and of her grandfathers but mostly a proud and a very lucky mentee of her father. Is there a particular philosophy or set of values that informs your legal work? The values depend on the person. Be it for my legal practice or my private life, my unshakeable values are as follows: 1. Do not let anything unfinished go until the end, even if it seems to be unknown, fight for your ‘cause’ until the very end. Remember that you are responsible for the journey (legal fight), not necessarily for the destination (outcome). 2. Remember that if you step in the boxing ring you get punched. And that is where we are fighting. Do not let anything stop you. 3. Do not make promises you cannot deliver. Be clear about the expectations. Manage them. 4. Make humanity your main concern. Walk in the shoes of others. Do not judge; understand. This is a more compassionate way of lawyering. 5. Follow your ambitions and combine them with your effort, because those are the things that get you somewhere. 6. Take charge. Do not blame the circumstances. 7. Do not forget or underestimate the power of networking, as you should not go all the way without support. Admit the role of a student and be open to new experiences and knowledge. 8. Make room for your loved ones. Set your priorities wisely and juggle. Family life matters. 9. You cannot win all battles in all fields. Accept defeat with integrity. Take the hit and move on. As long as you learn from the experience, there is nothing louder than that. 10. Do not trade your integrity with anything. Nothing can be as silent as a clean consiousness. Is there one thing that you feel you could not live without? Honour and integrity. But honestly, I want to ask: what is the point of feeling that we cannot live if something is denied to us or we are deprived of something? We are all survivors. We were born alone and we will eventually die alone. I personally do not believe in this concept. Even though I may strongly suffer, I can live without anything if I have no choice. Desperation is a powerful state of being. But this does not mean that I do not have any fear of losing people or things. I have strong attachments. However, I am lucky to have so much to lose in this life – and I will keep it this way. How do you measure your success? For me, a successful person is someone who manages their environment, be it with work, family or friends, especially when faced with challenges and chaos. It is a combination of wisdom, determination, constant effort and a certain level of capability. It is how this person relates with obstacles and surmounts them. And this should be ascertained differently for every person, taking into account their background and the circumstances. Maître Ece Dayıoğlu, LLM, Master II, LLM Dayıoğlu Law Firm®, Perihan Sokak No: 4, Şişli, Istanbul, Türkiye Tel: +90 212 230 30 32 | Mobile: +90 533 371 19 19 Info: | Email: Contact

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