Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

24 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 AUSTRALIA 3. Katramados v Hasapis (No2) [2018] NSWSC 1604; 4. Katramados v Hasapis (No3) [2019] NSWSC 435; 5. Katramados v Hasapis (No4) [2019] NSWSC 846; 6. Katramados v Hasapis (No5) [2021] NSWSC 1656; 7. Katramados v Hasapis (No6) [2022] NSWSC 642; 8. Koyroyshs & Koyroyshs [2018] FamCA 840; 9. Koyroyshs & Koyroyshs [2020] FamCA 626; 10. Koyroyshs & Koyroyshs (No. 2) [2020] FamCA 1060. What does this award mean to you? I have dedicated almost two decades to my professional practice and it is a great privilege and honour to have that work recognised in such a prestigious publication. and are taking active steps to address them. I will continue to be a passionate advocate for my clients, as I have been for almost two decades, and develop my own skills to meet my clients’ needs in this changing landscape. How do you measure your success? On a professional level, I measure my success by the positive impact that I have had on people’s lives, both as an advocate and as an individual. There is no denying that family law matters are complex and take an emotional toll on all involved, and I pride myself on my ability to ease that burden and be empathetic and supportive to my clients whilst still fighting for the best outcome for them and their families. I have had the great privilege of being involved in a number of complex family law and estate matters which have resulted in published Judgments of legal significance, including the following: 1. Notaras & Notaras [2014] FamCA 350 (30 May 2014); 2. Katramados v Hasapis [2018] NSWSC 948; “It is clear to me that there will continue to be a movement away from litigation as the primary way to resolve family law disputes”

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