Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 Tecola PLLC Baekeland Christophe PROPERTY LAW LAWYER OF THE YEAR Tecola is a specialised boutique law firm for and by entrepreneurs where innovation, forward thinking and sustainability are key. Tecola does not limit itself to legal analysis, but always aspire to take the client’s financial background to hart and helps with the development and implementation of pragmatic and strategic policies. Tecola supports both private as public undertakings in conducting sustainable and efficient business in respect with their corporate social responsibility. Tecola assists its clients in accordance to the highest standards of quality in three main areas of practice, more specifically Technology & Privacy, Communication and Legal Services. Areas of Expertise Technology & Privacy: Tecola has a strong background in IT related matters, especially in ASP, Cloud & SaaS, escrow, hosting, maintenance, development, NDA, outsourcing, service level and timesharing, and generally in concessions, commercial agency agreements, franchising, leasing and licensing. Furthermore, Tecola provides preventive and curative legal advice and assistance on privacy-related topics (including cookie and GDPR charters), and is able to assist your business both as a certified Data Protection Officer as well as a GDPR Lead Auditor. Communication: Tecola works out business restructuring and investments guidelines, policies and strategies according to the challenges and goals set out by his clients, and assists them with the efficient and pragmatic implementation in their business. Tecola also supports (boards of) directors, share- and stakeholders in their public and business related communication to enforce their rights and avoid both their accountability and liability. Within this area of expertise, Tecola also provides (inhouse) guest lectures, seminars and workshops, as well mediation services. Legal Services: The main focus of this department is twice. First of all numerous corporate law related matters, such as the selection of an appropriate legal structure, support measures and grants, shareholder and directors’ agreements, mergers, acquisitions, reorganisations, trade agreements and NPO-regulation. Secondly Tecola assists both private as public undertakings in a wide range of property transactions. This includes construction, leasing and purchase agreements, public procurement, PPS, securities and rights in rem with in particular construction structures and apartment co-ownership. Firm Profile 35 BELGIUM

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