Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 Mediationskanzlei Plassmann Plassmann Michael Conflict and law have something in common: they are unpredictable. Years of lawsuits in public, destroyed business relationships, high costs and unsatisfactory process results are often the result. It is precisely for this reason that the mediation law firm Plassmann settles conflicts out of court - quickly, effectively and discreetly. Not ways out, but perspectives are our benchmark. One reason why Michael Plassmann enjoys a special reputation nationwide as a banking law and conflict resolution expert. in the event of a conflict, one is faced with the question of how to continue in the deadlock. Going to court often seems to be the only solution. At the same time, more and more entrepreneurs and citizens are experiencing that a lawsuit all too often does not promise the desired success. This may be due to the fact that legal proceedings not only often last for years due to the judiciary being overburdened, but also always involve an enormous cost risk in addition to the uncertain outcome. Against this background, the alternative to litigation – mediation – is becoming more and more important in Germany as a faster, more cost-effective and more Firm Profile MEDIATOR OF THE YEAR effective solution to conflicts. “What is behind mediation and what are the advantages?” we answer in this section under the adjacent navigation points. The market for legal services is changing. But that also applies to the demands of our customers. It is precisely for this reason that we do not offer you off-the-shelf legal services. Competent mediators know that conflicts are complex, difficult and individual. This is precisely why we combine entrepreneurial experience with specific legal and strategic expertise in our approach. Our solutions always pursue one goal: to take into account the central interests of our clients when resolving conflicts. We see ourselves as your experts for dispute resolution – your problem is just as individual as our solution. One thing is always the same: our claim to develop a solution that will convince you in terms of costs, quality and sustainability. Perhaps that is the reason why nationwide entrepreneurs, citizens, the judiciary, clubs, associations, parliaments, bankers and investors place their trust in Michael Plassmann and his law firm. As a law firm specializing in mediation and out-of-court conflict management , we follow the philosophy of working closely with you to examine very carefully which type of conflict solution will help you most quickly, cost-effectively and at the same time most effectively, far from any possible legal claim. 55 GERMANY

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