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3 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 The legal landscape in 2024 continues to evolve, presenting new challenges and opportunities. In this year’s Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards, we recognize over 50 legal professionals who have excelled in their fields and adeptly adapted to these changes. Our front cover features standout legal experts in diverse areas. Chang Sik Kim of Samsung has masterfully navigated complex legal challenges in the tech industry, ensuring compliance with international laws and regulations. Aaron Sonnhalter from Monster Energy is recognized for his innovative legal strategies in a highly competitive market. Delphine Parigi of DPZ Avocats is honored for her significant contributions in tax law, highlighting her expertise and commitment to excellence. Estes Fonkalsrud, a notable figure in criminal law, has made impactful strides at Advocate Law, demonstrating his proficiency and dedication in this challenging field. These highlighted individuals are just a few among the many exemplary winners of this year’s awards. Each honoree exemplifies the highest standards of legal expertise and professional dedication, contributing significantly to their respective fields and setting new benchmarks in the legal community. The 2024 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards is more than a recognition of individual achievements; it’s a testament to the vital role that legal professionals play in shaping our society and upholding justice and fairness. These winners embody the relentless pursuit of legal excellence and impactful contributions, both in their professional spheres and in the wider community. AWARDS 2023 LEGAL

4 COUNTRY Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 06 DR CHANG SIK (CHARLES) KIM Executive Vice President Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year South Korea 09 AARON P. SONNHALTER Senior Vice President & Cheif Litigation Counsel Litigation Counsel of the Year - USA EDITOR’S PICKS

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 10 ESTES FONKALSRUD Founder Criminal Lawyer of the Year Canada 14 DELPHINE PARIGI Founding Partner Tax Lawyer of the Year France

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWYER OF THE YEAR Executive Vice President SAMSUNG DISPLAY CO., LTD Dr. Chang Sik (Charles) Kim Ph.D., Esq. Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 SOUTH KOREA Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 6

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 Area of Expertise • IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution • IP Procurement • IP Licensing • IP Asset Management Firm Profile Samsung Display is the world-leading display company, supplying premium display products including smartphones, laptop PCs, monitors, and TVs on the back of its unmatched technology. The world’s first mass production of flexible OLED and foldable displays is just the tip of the iceberg in Samsung Display’s realization of displays which once only existed in the imagination. Recently, Samsung Display has revolutionized the large format display market with its game-changing QD-OLED displays. Samsung Display provides a total solution tailored for individual customers with quality display resolutions capable of life-like embodiment of nature’s beauty and technology for creating lighter and slimmer displays. Through a diverse range of design innovations, a 120Hz refresh rate and low power operation, brand new values are provided to customers by developing unparalleled super-gap technology including displays specialized for the 5G era, blue light reduction technology for customer well-being and many more. As the number one company and leader of the global display market, Samsung Display will continue to perform this role based on the fundamentals of advanced technology, cutting-edge products and most importantly, the trust of customers. SOUTH KOREA 7 About Dr. Chang Sik Kim Dr. Chang Sik (Charles) Kim is an Executive Vice President and the CIPO of Samsung Display. Prior to his tenure at Samsung Display starting in 2021, Dr. Kim has an extensive background in private practice, particularly in patent litigation in the fields of semiconductor, electronic devices, chemistry, and displays. Currently, he oversees every aspects of Samsung Display’s IP strategies. Dr. Kim is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, Federal Circuit and USPTO. Also, he is a Vice Chairman at the Korea Intellectual Property Association (KINPA). Recently awarded him as the ‘General Counsel of the Year’ for the Asia Legal Awards 2023. As the world leading Display Company and the pioneer of the OLED displays, Samsung Display proudly holds the 1st position in Korea and ranks 7th worldwide for maintaining one of the strongest IP portfolios. Acknowledging its strength, Dr. Kim has transformed the company’s IP strategy from conservative to a highly aggressive approach. Samsung Display has initiated numerous offensive cases against both its competitors and Nonpracticing entities (NPEs). In addition, Dr. Kim is proactively protecting and enforcing the company’s trademarks as a strategic branding effort, aiming to improve consumer recognition of the company’s cutting-edge display technologies. For example, the company launched an advertisement campaign to promote its proprietary technologies including Diamond PixelTM technology.(See Dr. Kim’s significant commitment has strengthened Samsung Display’s IP positions and built robust relationships between the company and consumers. Dr. Kim actively engages in IP policy discussions through private and public IP related conferences and provides lectures and seminars to in-house employees so they can expand their legal expertise. In this regard, Dr. Kim has significantly contributed as an in-house lawyer to gaining a foothold for further enforcement of IP rights of Samsung Display in various ways.

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 ABOUT AARON SONNHALTER Aaron Sonnhalter is an experienced senior legal and business executive with over twenty-five years of experience counseling senior management on enterpriselevel legal and litigation risks. Throughout his career, Aaron has successfully led initiatives and litigation across platforms and industries taking the lead on legal issues in significant business, litigation, and regulatory matters. Among his achievements, Aaron had a lead role in negotiating and acquiring a major beverage competitor. Aaron is also the leader responsible for a number of notable litigation successes including a more than $335 million false advertising jury verdict that is one of the “largest Lanham Act awards” in United States history. Aaron also led the team that secured a judgment of more than $185 million and a 5% perpetual royalty in the “largest-ever U.S. trademark award.” His strategic approach was evident in an industry-first jury verdict in a case that defended a flagship product against product liability claims. This case was notable for its impact on the industry. Another notable matter includes filing and litigating what was believed to be the largest lawsuit filed against the United States Government at the time. The matter concluded with a settlement of over $538 million to the company. Aaron also counsels companies regarding investigations by government bodies including the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Labor. Prior to taking his expertise in-house, Aaron spent a decade at two of the largest law firms in the United States representing a myriad of companies across industries counseling clients and litigating complex business issues. Throughout his career, Aaron Sonnhalter has demonstrated a consistent ability to lead in various legal contexts, combining his legal and business knowledge with strategic planning to accomplish his clients’ goals. Aaron P. Sonnhalter LITIGATION COUNSEL OF THE YEAR Senior Vice President & Chief Litigation Counsel at Monster Energy USA 9

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 10 CANADA CRIMINAL LAWYER OF THE YEAR Estes Founder of Advocate Law Firm Fonkalsrud • Driving Offences • Impaired Driving • Drug Offences • Sexual Offences • Weapons Offences • Domestic Violence • Assault Offences • Violent Offences • Uttering Threats • Theft Offences • Kidnapping Offences • Property Offences • Breach of Probation • Fraud Offences • Obstruction Offences • Perjury Offences • White Collar Crimes • Youth Offences AREAS OF EXPERTISE

11 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 CANADA Estes Fonkalsrud is the founder of Advocate Law Firm with a network of criminal defence lawyers in Saskatchewan, Canada. He has over 23 years experience in criminal defence work and is routinely asked by other lawyers for advice on criminal files. As a former Agent for Public Prosecution Service of Canada, prosecuting drug and income tax offences, Mr. Fonkalsrud has invaluable insight and experience that he uses to vigorously defend his clients. He is the President of the Local Bar Association and a sustaining member of the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyer’s Association. Mr. Fonkalsrud has extensive experience appearing before all levels of court in Saskatchewan. He has successfully defended clients throughout the Province of Saskatchewan and the Court of Appeal. He has experience defending complex and important cases in all areas of criminal law including murder, sexual offences, drug offences, financial crime, assaults, and driving offences. In addition to a Law Degree Mr. Fonkalsrud has completed his Bachelor of Administration and Master of Business Administration. Prior to private practice he worked for a legal department of the Provincial Government and a large financial institution. He is also active in the community, having been involved with the YMCA, Shrine Club, Moose Jaw Businessmen’s Club, and Chamber of Commerce. He has also enjoyed his time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society and providing meals for the less fortunate. Advocate Law is dedicated to solving the problems encountered by its clients in every aspect of criminal law from defending their clients in court to media and reputation management. The staff at Advocate Law understand that facing a criminal charge can affect all aspects of a client’s life. Mr. Fonkalsrud passionately believes in the tenet that a party is “innocent until proven guilty” and defends each client with that core belief. Estes, can you start by sharing your journey into criminal law? What motivated you to specialize in this area of legal practice? Once I started practicing law, I saw firsthand the disadvantage accused people have against the resources of the Government. I have the ability and experience to help these individuals during one of the most stressful periods of their life. I enjoy my role to advocate for my client and help them defend their name. In your view, what core philosophy guides your practice at Advocate Law, especially in handling criminal cases? The core philosophies when handling a criminal case are simple: to represent the client fearlessly with a powerful defence focusing on success with integrity, dependability, and hard work. Without breaching confidentiality, could you discuss one or two of the most challenging or significant criminal cases you’ve handled? What made them stand out? I’ve handled thousands of criminal cases involving serious crimes from murder to fraud. Some of the most challenging cases have been files where my client’s employment and reputation are being seriously impacted by false allegations. Cases that stand out for me are ones that I’ve been able to resolve before the allegations make it to the courtroom or media. “Some of the most challenging cases have been files where my client’s employment and reputation are being seriously impacted by false allegations.”

How have you seen the landscape of criminal law evolve throughout your career? Are there any recent legal changes or trends that you find particularly impactful, particularly surrounding the types of cases you work on? The landscape of criminal law has evolved significantly over the 20 plus years I have been practicing. Laws have become more complex and often cases involve complicated pretrial hearings involving the admissibility of evidence or the Accused’s Charter Rights guaranteed under the Canadian constitution. When representing clients in criminal cases, what factors do you consider to ensure they receive the best possible defence? Could you share your process? I am committed to providing my clients with the best defence possible, and I think this is reflected in the philosophy I bring to my work: My preparations are careful and detailed. I stay current on changes in the law and societal trends that could affect a jury. I accept a limited number of cases at one time to ensure a very strong focus on each client’s case. I approach every client’s case individually thinking “out of the box” to find the best possible defence. My team works together to bring extensive knowledge and experience to each stage of the proceedings. What are some of the most significant challenges you face as a criminal defence lawyer, and how do you navigate these challenges? Law is a profession that continues irrespective of other factors in my life. Finding a healthy work-life balance is important. I find files can affect my life personally because I will often be thinking about the next stages of a file even when not at the office. How has the advancement of technology affected your practice in criminal law, especially in terms of investigation and evidence gathering? Technology has had an immense and profound effect on criminal law. Advances in technology have moved faster in my opinion then many areas of law. With advances in DNA testing and other evidence gathering often I will have to consult experts to review scientific reports. Lastly, looking to the future, how do you envision the field of criminal law evolving, and what goals do you have for your practice at Advocate Law? For most the criminal justice system is a complex process and for those caught up within the system to navigate without the help of a lawyer can be overwhelming. I foresee the government putting more resource into virtual or remote hearings to alleviate the need for people to travel. This will help bring faster court hearings for individuals charged. A downside will be for defendants to prepare adequately as criminal law hearings continue to become more complex. Our goals at Advocate Law are to continue to make the process as transparent as possible for our clients as we help them navigate the best outcome. “For most the criminal justice system is a complex process and for those caught up within the system to navigate without the help of a lawyer can be overwhelming.” Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 12 CANADA

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 Estes Fonkalsrud B.Admin, LL.B., M.B.A. Advocate law 125A-361 Main Street North Moose Jaw, SK S6H 0W2 Phone: (306) 694-0422 Email: CONTACT “Advocate Law is dedicated to solving the problems encountered by its clients in every aspect of criminal law from vigorously defending their clients in court to media and reputation management.” CANADA 13

Delphine Parigi Welcome to our exclusive interview with Delphine, founding partner at DPZ Avocats and a renowned expert in tax law. With a distinguished career that began in transaction tax at Big 4 firms in NYC and Paris, Delphine’s academic pursuits at HEC and Paris la Sorbonne have profoundly shaped her expertise. Defying a family tradition of civil service, she embraced an independent path in tax law, fuelled by her passion for freedom and justice. Her unique blend of skills in history, languages, and mathematics and her extensive experience in handling complex tax matters for companies and high-net-worth individuals set her apart in her field. As we delve into the intricacies of tax law and explore Delphine’s journey and insights, we uncover the nuances of her role and the evolving landscape of tax practice. Founding Partner DPZ AVOCATS TAX LAWYER OF THE YEAR E: Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 14 FRANCE

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 Delphine, can you share with us your journey towards becoming a founding partner at DPZ Avocats and your primary areas of expertise in tax law? It’s clear that my experiences in transaction tax at Big 4 in NYC and Paris, coupled with my academic background at HEC and Paris la Sorbonne, have equipped me with a diverse skill set to handle complex tax questions within tight deadlines, catering to both companies and high net worth individuals. My decision to carve my own path in tax law, despite the influence of a long line of civil servants in my family, speaks volumes about my independent spirit and desire to defend freedom. The influence of my parents as mathematics teachers likely contributed to my affinity for tax, and my multidisciplinary interests in history, languages, and mathematics undoubtedly enrich my professional practice. As a founding partner at DPZ Avocats, my passion for helping clients navigate intricate tax matters has been the cornerstone of my journey. My commitment to freedom and justice, coupled with my expertise, undoubtedly set me apart as a tax lawyer. How do you approach complex tax issues with your clients, especially those unfamiliar with the intricacies of tax law? Certainly, the complexity of tax law is a crucial aspect of the profession. When dealing with clients who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of tax law, clear communication and education are paramount. As a practitioner who started in 2005, I have witnessed the accumulation of tax legislation, making any French tax issue complex in 2024. To respond to the clients’ needs, I make it a point to break down the intricacies of tax law into understandable concepts and estimates at each step of their project, from transaction to exit. This approach ensures that clients are well-informed and empowered in their decision-making process. In the ever-evolving landscape of tax law, it’s essential to keep clients informed about the latest finance bills, administrative guidelines, case law, treaties, EU directives and OECD regulations. By providing clear and comprehensive explanations, I aim to build a trusting relationship with my clients, allowing them to have confidence in the advice and guidance I provide. Ultimately, the trust relationship between clients and lawyers in the realm of tax law is built on transparency, direct communication, and a commitment to empowering clients through valid data. This approach is fundamental in navigating the complexities of tax law and ensuring that clients feel confident in their decision-making process. In your opinion, what qualities make an effective tax lawyer? An effective tax lawyer is one who not only possesses a deep understanding of the economic landscape and tax legislation but also exhibits strong analytical skills and the ability to adapt to evolving technological, behaviours’ environment. However, in my opinion, what truly sets an effective tax lawyer apart is the development of empathy and communication skills. These qualities are essential in building trust and delivering tailored solutions, particularly when it comes to defending criminal tax cases. The impact of criminal tax law on the relationship between a client and a tax lawyer cannot be understated. When assisting a client who is facing the fear of potential financial loss due to tax issues, the tax lawyer’s role is to provide reassurance and guidance. However, when dealing with a client who is facing the prospect of losing freedom due to criminal tax charges, the dynamics of the client-tax lawyer relationship change significantly. In such cases, the tax lawyer must not only rely on technical expertise but also prioritize the human aspect of the situation. The ability to empathize with clients and effectively communicate the complexities of criminal tax law is crucial in these scenarios. By understanding and addressing the deep fears and concerns of the client, a tax lawyer can provide not only legal guidance but “My commitment to freedom and justice, coupled with my expertise, undoubtedly set me apart as a tax lawyer.” FRANCE 15

also emotional support. This approach places the technical aspects of tax law in the service of human needs, ensuring that clients feel secure and understood throughout the legal process. In summary, the qualities that make an effective tax lawyer extend beyond technical knowledge and analytical skills. Empathy and strong communication skills play a pivotal role, particularly in criminal tax cases, where the client’s fears and concerns are at the forefront. By prioritizing the human aspect of the client’s experience and providing tailored, empathetic support, a tax lawyer can truly make a meaningful impact in the client’s life. Moving on to your comprehensive range of tax services - The pace of tax change has increased in recent years, with countries looking to implement new tax laws and refine their tax systems. How have recent changes in international tax laws potentially impacted your clients? What do they need to know? Thank you for highlighting the increasing pace of tax changes and the impact they have had on our clients. Indeed, the multiple contradictory changes in international tax laws have necessitated a proactive approach from our clients to adapt to new regulations and compliance requirements. It is crucial for them to stay abreast of these changes in order to minimize potential risks and optimize their tax positions with a new approach with the tax authorities. In particular, in France, the criminalization of tax law since the implementation of the law on 23 October 2018 has had a profound impact. Taxpayers must be aware that their bad faith is often presumed in practice, and the tax police are empowered to employ measures such as police custody, telephone tapping, surveillance, and geolocation. Furthermore, the threshold for automatic referral of cases to the Public Prosecutor’s Office is set at €100,000 of evaded duty. There is also the potential for an immediate appearance on recognition of guilt (CRPC), commonly known as “pleading guilty,” to expedite the processing of cases. Additionally, deliberate failure to comply with French tax legislation can result in the application of a 40%, 80%, or 100% surcharge on the tax due. Furthermore, both criminal and administrative sanctions for serious tax fraud are subject to public disclosure. It is imperative for our clients to be well-informed about these developments and to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the evolving tax landscape. We guide our clients through these changes by implementing a new approach to the tax field by developing rulings and using a trusted relationship with the French Tax Authorities. While many territories close this opportunity of rulings, the French government develops this practice. Today it is the sole real insurance against any criminal prosecution in France, with respect to tax. Could you elaborate on the most challenging aspects of advising on tax issues in cross border M&A transactions and how you navigate the complexities of multi jurisdictional tax laws? Advising on tax issues in cross-border M&A transactions is indeed a complex and challenging endeavour. The involvement of criminal law in M&A and the requirement of regularization services since 2018 have added further layers of complexity to this already intricate landscape in France. Coordinating tax strategies across different jurisdictions and ensuring compliance with diverse regulatory frameworks are among the most challenging aspects. Additionally, the need to navigate multijurisdictional tax laws, transaction structuring, and due diligence Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 16 FRANCE

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 requires a comprehensive understanding of international tax matters. However, modelling with AI provides additional opportunities and time savings compared to the past decade. The implementation of a new compliance service (« le service de conformité fiscale ») dedicated to M&A since 2018 is particularly noteworthy, as it enables companies and French permanent establishments or their directors to bring their tax situation into line spontaneously through a simplified procedure. This service also takes into account the rates of applicable surcharges and interest on arrears, adjusting them to align with the approach adopted by the company. In the context of international tax matters, issues such as undeclared activity in France constituting a permanent establishment, deduction of all or part of a loan granted by a foreign company in breach of the provisions of Article 212 of the French Tax Code, and illegal or abusive arrangements further contribute to the intricacies of advising on tax issues in cross-border M&A transactions. Successfully navigating these complexities requires a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks in multiple jurisdictions, as well as a proactive approach to compliance and risk management. In international real estate investment, what key tax considerations should investors be aware of, particularly in the French market? Until 2023, the sole stable reference for foreign investors in French real estate was the regular increase of prices. The real estate market is slowing down and the situation is not expected to improve in 2024. This is due to a difficult economic period marked by inflation, which results in a drop in the purchasing power of the French residents, and an increase in bank interest rates, making access to credit more difficult. Sales are therefore down at the end of 2023 and the trend is likely to continue. In their report for the year, the Notaries of France actually observed a decrease in the number of sales in 2023. While 1.13 million sales were made between September 2021 and September 2022, only 928,000 were recorded over the same period. , the next year. “The decline in the number of transactions has accelerated since 2023, reaching 908,000 sales in France (-20% over one year) over 12 rolling months to the end of October 2023”, also notes the FNAIM-Clameur real estate barometer for December 2023. At the same time, a drop in prices was observed at the end of the year, a first since 2015. The Notaries of France thus noted a drop throughout France, and more markedly, in Paris’ area. The price index for old apartments in mainland France fell by 2% over one year and that of old houses, by 1.6%. In Ile-de-France, the index fell by 5.3% for apartments and 5.4% for houses. For apartments and houses, this trend is likely to continue in 2024. While credit rates should also stabilize after having been very high in recent months, counting on a rate of around 4.3% in the first quarter of 2024, the various players are not optimistic about a market recovery over the coming year. From a French tax standpoint, foreign private investors are clearly considered as an important variable adjustment of the French Budget with severe regimes and without any effort of attractiveness. Before purchasing a French real estate property, it is key to determine the structure that will be used to hold it. The choice between purchasing the property through a company (either a non-French company, or a French real estate company) or in one’s own name will depend on several factors, the most important being the following: • The use of the property (i.e., whether it will be partly rented out furnished). In case it is anticipated that the property would be partly rented out furnished, holding the property through a French civil company would trigger adverse tax consequences (and notably, the application of French corporate income tax on a notional annual income supposedly equal to the fair market rental value of the property). In this case, it would be more taxefficient to purchase the property in your own name. Besides, if it is contemplated to purchase a French real estate property through a non-French structure, we strongly suggest performing an analysis of the French tax consequences of such structuring. Indeed, certain types of foreign entities would be assimilated into pass-through entities and others into corporations with different French tax consequences in both situations. “Empathy and strong communication skills play a pivotal role, particularly in criminal tax cases, where the client’s fears and concerns are at the forefront.” FRANCE 17

CHRISTOPHE BAEKELAND Tecola PLLC GUNNAR LIBEROTH Per Bruhn Advokater JEAN-PIERRE VIENNOIS Bremens Avocats SYLVIE GALLAGE-ALWIS Signature Litigation THOMAS SEIFERT Thomas Seifert Law Firm ANTONIS GKIOKAS PwC DR. CSABA MAGYAR Crystal Business Solutions Kft PAOLA A.GHIRARDELLI G&B International Art Law LYDIE LORANG LR Avocats ROMAIN SABATIER NautaDutilh Avocats Luxembourg S.à r.l. EUROPE 20 22 26 27 28 29 30 31 33 34

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 DR. ANNA BANASZEWSKA Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego dr Anna Banaszewska ALEXANDRE MACIEL Alexandre Maciel MANUEL HERNÁNDEZ Vilches Abogados Law Firm REBER ALISON PARRY Intertrust Group HELEN CLIFFORD Helen Clifford Law KATHERINE OLLERHEAD Canonical KULDIP BHATTI KB Notary Public Limited LAUREN SMITH Taylor Bracewell Solicitors PAUL STIBBARD Sequent Group RICHARD CUMBLEY Linklaters RICHARD SCOTT-WATSON RSW Medicolegal Ltd 38 40 41 42 44 45 46 50 52 53 54 56

PROPERTY LAW LAWYER OF THE YEAR Christophe Tecola PLLC Baekeland Christophe is an entrepreneurial solution-orientated lawyer who combines a strong academic background with a profound experience in a wide range of business related areas. His inquisitive character, eye for detail and outof-the-box way of thinking are key to his successful approach on complex and challenging cases. One of his main areas of expertise is property law. In regard to real estate, Christophe has many experience in reviewing and writing construction, leasing and purchase agreements, in assisting private and public undertakings in large real estate projects (including Law Breyne), integrating investment and financing strategies (including securities and property agreements), providing both preventive as procedural assistance in public procurement (including PPS and state aid) and in co-ownership. In regard to IP and in IT, Christophe is well known for his excellent service in various software agreements (e.g. cloud, escrow, outsourcing, NDA and SLA) and his out-of-the-box way of thinking in GDPR-issues. Christophe is professor at the AP University College Antwerp and Syntra, where he teaches IT-Law, Public Law and Construction & Property Law. Finally he is also a researcher who publishes regularly in highly ranked scientific magazines and gives (inter)national lectures. Christophe obtained an LL.M., and later LL.M.’s Company Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Competition Law & Economics and a Post Graduate Corporate Finance. He is a certified Data Protection Officer and GDPR Lead Auditor, as well a recognized mediator in property cases (including co-ownership). Christophe works fluently in Dutch, English and French. ABOUT CHRISTOPHE BAEKELAND Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 20 BELGIUM

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 Tecola is a specialised boutique law firm for and by entrepreneurs where innovation, forward thinking and sustainability are key. Tecola does not limit itself to legal analysis, but always aspire to take the client’s financial background to hart and helps with the development and implementation of pragmatic and strategic policies. Tecola supports both private and public undertakings in conducting sustainable and efficient business in respect with their corporate social responsibility. Tecola assists its clients in accordance to the highest standards of quality in three main areas of practice, more specifically Technology & Privacy, Communication and Legal Services. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Technology & Privacy: Tecola has a strong background in IT related matters, especially in ASP, Cloud & SaaS, escrow, hosting, maintenance, development, NDA, outsourcing, service level and timesharing, and generally in concessions, commercial agency agreements, franchising, leasing and licensing. Furthermore, Tecola provides preventive and curative legal advice and assistance on privacy-related topics (including cookie and GDPR charters), and is able to assist your business both as a certified Data Protection Officer as well as a GDPR Lead Auditor. Communication: Tecola works out business restructuring and investments guidelines, policies and strategies according to the challenges and goals set out by his clients, and assists them with the efficient and pragmatic implementation in their business. Tecola also supports (boards of) directors, share- and stakeholders in their public and business related communication to enforce their rights and avoid both their accountability and liability. Within this area of expertise, Tecola also provides (inhouse) guest lectures, seminars and workshops, as well mediation services. Legal Services: The main focus of this department is twice. First of all numerous corporate law related matters, such as the selection of an appropriate legal structure, support measures and grants, shareholder and directors’ agreements, mergers, acquisitions, reorganisations, trade agreements and NPOregulation. Secondly Tecola assists both private as public undertakings in a wide range of property transactions. This includes construction, leasing and purchase agreements, public procurement, PPS, securities and rights in rem with in particular construction structures and apartment co-ownership. FIRM PROFILE CONTACT Christophe Baekeland Tecola PLLC Groenstraat 61, 3020 Veltem-Beisem, Belgium T: +32.485.48.35.45 E: “Christophe is well known for his excellent service in various software agreements (e.g. cloud, escrow, outsourcing, NDA and SLA) and his out-of-the-box way of thinking in GDPR-issues.” BELGIUM 21

Gunnar FAMILY & DIVORCE LAW LAWYER OF THE YEAR International Family Law Child Custody Child Support Domestic Violence Personality Disorders (Narcissism, Borderline, PTSD, C-PTSD etc.) Divorce and Custody Litigation Separation / Divorce Spousal Support Division of Assets and Property Areas of Expertise Partner at Per Bruhn Advokater +45 4587 0500 | Liberoth “Divorce counseling – seen from the children’s perspective” Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 22 DENMARK

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 What makes a good family lawyer? Of course, it is necessary to possess legal expertise in family law matters and strong communication and negotiation skills; this is standard for any family lawyer. However, in my opinion, that is far from the most important ability when navigating family law issues like divorce and custody. Number one is a deep understanding of emotional dynamics in family conflicts and understanding the client’s underlying needs. The prerequisite is good chemistry between lawyer and client. A good family lawyer not only understands that every case concerning divorce and custody has an extreme emotional impact on every client, but the lawyer also shows this by acting fast when there is news. A simple mail to the client outside regular office hours or on weekends often makes a huge difference. The client should feel that ‘my lawyer is always alert, has my back, and never gives in.’ However, a good client relationship is not all that is required. The key is mentalization ability of the individual involved on the other side of the dispute, as this helps to understand the real challenges the client is facing. This is where knowledge of various personality disorders, for instance narcissistic behavior, becomes essential. Needless to say, on top of this comes, of course, the ability to focus on what would be in the best interests of the involved children based on general research and the actual case. In custody cases, there are no winners; the children are always the losing parties. In the ‘lighter’ cases, good mediation skills are required from the lawyer, where the main focus should be on de-escalating the conflict between the parties. However, agreements made between parties must have the children at their heart. No agreement should ever be made to make the parents feel equal, to the detriment of the children. What differentiates Gunnar Liberoth from traditional family lawyers? I want to emphasize that it is a prerequisite for me to be the kind of divorce lawyer that divorce lawyers are often not. For me, it is essential always to look at what benefits the children involved and try to avoid that they are caught in the middle of the parent’s conflict. I stay very loyal to my self-invented concept - in Danish, it is called Skilsmisserådgivning i ‘børnehøjde’™. When translated, it means “Divorce counseling – seen from the children’s perspective.” I do not represent the children; however, I always try to make my clients work toward solutions that are best for the children based on what child psychologists would typically recommend. Custody and visitation rights should always be determined according to the best interests of the children. They are not the rights of the parents. Do you offer pro bono counseling? Philanthropy is important to me, and on a regular basis, I offer free counseling for battered women at various crisis centers. In 2021, I started a collaboration with the Danish NGO, The Exit Circle (‘Exitcirklen’), which helps mainly women who have been or are exposed to psychological violence. Since 2022, I have been a member of the board of one of the largest women’s crisis centers/shelters in Denmark, ‘Bella Vista Krisecenter.’ I am not a certified psychologist or a child psychologist. However, I have met quite a few over the years and thus gained an in-depth knowledge of psychological violence and various personality disorders, including Narcissism, PTSD, C-PTSD, and Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (Borderline), etc. – knowledge that is extremely useful when dealing with counterparts and their lawyers. However, I am also aware that parties in a divorce/breakup may be under so much pressure that they may develop a behavior similar to that of a person with a personality disorder. Still, instead, this may represent ‘only’ a temporary crisis and grief process. Who are your typical clients? About 50% of my clients are non-Danes with some kind of interest in Denmark, say, married to a Dane or expats living with their children in Denmark. This fact has led me to enter a more formal cooperation with The U.K. Embassy in Denmark, as well as The U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen, where I appear on the embassy’s list of recommended lawyers. After several years abroad in the 90s, I also speak and write in English, French, and German; legal advice, however, is based on Danish law with in-depth knowledge of international private law. DENMARK 23

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Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 26 FRANCE Jean-Pierre FINANCIAL LAW LAWYER OF THE YEAR Viennois CONTACT Tel: +33 685 74 00 05 Email: ABOUT JEAN-PIERRE VIENNOIS Jean-Pierre Viennois was admitted to the Bar in 1997. In 2003, he became a professor at the university of Lyon, where he directed for five years the Master in Law and Financial Engineering. He is the founder (2018) and managing partner of Bremens Avocats. Jean-Pierre assists French and foreign corporate groups, industrial and commercial companies, in connection with financial and corporate matters including M&A, external growth transactions, corporate reorganizations, private equity, fund raising and other financial law issues including the assistance before the French financial market authority (AMF). He also advises a clientele of banks, financial institutions and investment funds established within and outside the European Union, working notably on financial regulatory issues. Jean-Pierre has been teaching courses on French, European and international corporate law and financial law, for fifteen years. He used to teach European and French corporate law for American students in several american universities (Chapel Hill (NC), Athens (GA), Baton Rouge (LA)). He has spoken several times in recent year at academic conferences on international corporate law. FIRM PROFILE With offices in Lyon and Paris, Bremens Avocats advises and defends French and foreign clients in relation to financial, corporate and commercial law matters. The firm has developed a strong and recognized expertise in the health sector by advising public and private health institutions, physicians groups, medical device manufacturers. It is also very involved in the real estate and construction sectors. In addition, it regularly intervenes in industry, distribution, banking and finance. Bremens Avocats’ international practice covers all its main fields of expertise and industries and extends to every continent. The firm is composed of around fifty people, including thirty Avocats, two university professors and two university lecturers, all of whom are specialised in a specific area of law. Bremens Avocats has been recognized by the Décideurs rating agency as one of the main business law firms in France (ranking 2022-23). It is recorded as Excellent in Mergers & Acquisitions by Décideurs magazine (2023). On November 9th, 2023, Bremens Avocats has been awarded Law Firm of the year by the Palmarès du Droit Trophy in five fields of expertise, including Corporate M&A Private Equity, Banking Finance Insurance, Health law, Wealth Management and Employment Law. Founder & Managing Partner Bremens Avocats

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 FRANCE Sylvie PRODUCT LIABILITY DEFENCE LAWYER OF THE YEAR Gallage-Alwis AREAS OF EXPERTISE • Commercial Litigation • Product Liability • Product Safety • Toxic Tort • Environment ABOUT SYLVIE GALLAGE-ALWIS Sylvie Gallage-Alwis is both an Avocat à la Cour in France and a Solicitor in England & Wales. After 10 years practicing in a major international law firm, Sylvie became one of the founding partners of the Paris office of Signature Litigation and heads its product liability practice. She specialises in all cutting-edge complex disputes linked to products, namely product liability, product safety, toxic tort, mass litigation/class action, regulatory compliance, and environment. Sylvie has 15 years’ experience in all ranges of product-related litigation. She represents a variety of globally recognised manufacturers from industries such as automotive, electronic products, cosmetics, new technologies, steel, energy, food, toys, etc. She is further known in the French market as a leading toxic tort / mass litigation lawyer. As such, she has been involved in most pro-company case law rendered in recent years, notably in asbestos-related and various chemical-exposure related cases, with some cases mentioned in the French Civil and Social Security Codes because of the significant reversal in case law they represent. Sylvie is involved in some of the most innovative litigation of the French market: dieselgate, planned obsolescence, climate change litigation, anxiety to develop a disease in the future, online marketplaces’ status, reparability/durability of products, sustainability claims, etc. Her team is assisting a number of clients in the scope of the launch of products for which there are no specific regulations yet, helping them navigate and use to their advantage the existing regulatory landscape. Sylvie is an active member of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) and Association of Defense Trial Attorneys (ADTA). These memberships allow her to be at the forefront of the legal risks faced by companies in the United States, helping her assisting her clients to foresee and anticipate such risks when they are introduced by plaintiffs’ Counsel in the European Union and France (e.g. class actions, PFAS, water & air pollution, fertilizer-related claims). CONTACT Sylvie Gallage-Alwis - Signature Litigation 49/51 avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France E: T: +33 (0)1 70 75 58 00 Founding Partner Signature Litigation 27

28 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 GERMANY Thomas Seifert Thomas Seifert Law Firm CRIMINAL LAW LAWYER OF THE YEAR Thomas Seifert, now aged 67, has amassed profound expertise in high calibre criminal cases at both state court and federal court level in forty years of professional experience. He has defended in terrorism cases as well as in capital and sex offence proceedings, but also in cases of medical malpractice or white collar crime and tax fraud. He speaks and writes German, English, French, Dutch and Latin. As he is qualified in both German and Belgian law, he is frequently involved in cross-border criminal cases and extradition law between these two countries. As he completed additional training in psychiatric issues with the renowned physician and court expert Prof. Dr. H. Sattes during his studies of law and philosophy at the University of Würzburg in the late 1970s, he regularly achieves astonishing successes in the defence of mentally impaired clients. In addition, through his connections to the pharmaceutical industry, he has a worldwide network of medical professionals from all disciplines at his disposal, which he can call upon in difficult cases. This also enables him to act successfully in civil law cases with a medical connection. In the 1990s, he worked as an examiner for the legal state examinations in the German Free State of Thuringia in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure law and as a member of the Thuringian Bar Court. In 2018, Thomas Seifert was appointed by the Belgian King to the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics. Finally, he published short stories and poetry in literary journals in Germany and abroad at a young age. Thomas Seifert Thomas Seifert Law Firm Steinroth, 32 B-4700 Eupen E:

29 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 GREECE Antonis Gkiokas is the Leader of Insolvency and Business Recovery practice in Greece. He is a seasoned legal practitioner with a track record on distressed M&A transactions, insolvency law, corporate law and restructurings. Furthermore, he advises financing institutions in formulating their portfolio recovery strategies. His exposure further extends to NPL and ordinary M&A transactions. Antonis’ clientele and mandates are diverse including distressed assets investors, financing institutions, NPL servicers but also serving clients from industries such as Manufacturing, Defense, Energy & Construction, Retail, Food and Beverage. He was one of the select few insolvency experts mandated by the Greek Government to be part of the ad-hoc drafting committee which prepared the new insolvency framework for Greece. From its inception, the Insolvency practice has been steadily growing, and expanding its transactional work, with significant exposure to corporate and financial sector industries, assuming diverse roles and mandates. It has achieved a track record in seminal transactions in the distressed assets and NPL sectors, navigating international investors to implement their strategic growth plans. About Antonis Gkiokas Antonis Gkiokas Leader of Insolvency & Business Recovery M. Psylla - V. Vizas - G. Katrinakis Law Firm (PwC Legal Network) TURNAROUND & RESTRUCTURING LAWYER OF THE YEAR M. Psylla - V. Vizas - G. Katrinakis Law Firm is a licensed Greek law firm established in 2009 and is part of the PwC Global Legal Network. Our team has experience from large scale projects and transactions in all industries and we guarantee an integrated approach through our innovative solutions and legal expertise. The transactional practice of PwC Greece’s Legal practice currently consists of fifteen (15) legal professionals covering the broader universe of corporate and financial law advice, developing around three key pillars: (i) acquisition transactions of listed and non-listed companies in Greece and abroad, (ii) transactional banking & finance projects and iii) Distressed M&A, insolvency and restructurings (involving contentious and non-contentious work). Our transactional teams are further complemented by our Labor Law, Real Estate Transactions and Regulatory practices which provide support in transactional and regulatory/compliance issues (including capital markets, regulatory compliance, takeover bids, AML and GDPR). We combine our offering with structuring services together with the PwC tax practice, as well as our PwC International network of legal partners, leveraging our presence in more than 95 jurisdictions and also complemented by the offerings of our PwC Advisory practice. Firm Profile • Corporate Law • Distressed M&A • Insolvency Law • Corporate Restructurings Areas of Expertise Antonios Gkiokas Senior Manager M. Psylla - V. Vizas - G. Katrinakis Law Firm Phone: +30 21 0687 4012 Mobile: +30 694 164 2853 Email: Contact

30 HUNGARY Dr. Csaba Managing Partner of Crystal Worldwide Law Firm Head of Legal of Discus Holdings Ltd. IMMIGRATION LAWYER OF THE YEAR MagyarTEP, LL.M CONTACT Tel: +36 1 383 0333 Email: ABOUT DR. CSABA MAGYAR Csaba is a graduate of the Law Faculty, afterwards he obtained the Accredited Tax Consultant Certification. He passed the BAR examination before attaining accreditation as an Insolvency Practitioner and Asset Controller. Then he became Chartered International Tax Expert. Later on, he took the Trust and Estate Practitioner Faculty. He is a postgraduate specialist in investment, corporate finance and stock exchange. He is the co-founder of the Society of Hungarian Trust and Estate Practitioners and he is the vice-chair of the Association of Hungarian Tax Experts. Csaba holds seminars and courses about international taxation and immigration law in different training institutes and universities for tax advisors and lawyers. In the course of his activity at Crystal Worldwide Law Firm most of his time has been dedicated to immigration by investment, tax advisory and business consulting. In addition, he is the head of legal at Discus Holdings Ltd where he uniquely combines the relocation strategies with international asset and tax planning: including handling complex transactions and managing cross-border investment issues successfully for High Net Worth Individuals. FIRM PROFILE We think global – Growth anywhere Crystal Worldwide is an international law firm specialised in residency by investment, wealth planning and corporate structuring. During their more than 30 years in operation, they have offered their clients professionally sound and lawful solutions for tax savings and asset protection, together with fast and timely services provided at the highest level of discretion. Discus Holdings is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience providing services in the area of residence and second citizenship, financial planning and consulting. Crystal and Discus have developed a one-stop system in favour of their clients where all of the relevant immigration expertise and services are available within these two firms. CRYSTAL WORLDWIDE Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023

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