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Matthew Wildes

Matthew Wildes

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In an enlightening interview with Matthew of Wildes at Law LLC, Lawyer Monthly explores his compelling journey into the specialized field of tax law. Matthew shares the initial sparks of his interest in accounting and his progression through various roles, including a stint at the IRS, before establishing his own firm. At Wildes at Law LLC, he combines his deep understanding of the tax system with a commitment to personalized client solutions. He discusses the unique challenges and rewards of practicing tax law in Minnesota, emphasizing the complexity of state-specific regulations and the satisfaction derived from guiding clients through them.

Interview with Matthew Wildes

Matthew, could you tell us about your journey into tax law and what inspired you to specialize in this area at Wildes at Law LLC?

My journey into tax law began with a strong interest in accounting and a desire to help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of the tax system. After completing my law degree and stops at the IRS and a national firm, I formed Wildes at Law LLC. My firm's commitment is providing comprehensive and personalized solutions aligned with my own values, and I saw it as an ideal platform to contribute my skills and knowledge to clients facing diverse tax challenges.

What do you find most challenging and rewarding about practicing tax law in Minnesota?

Practicing tax law in Minnesota presents unique challenges and rewards. The most challenging aspect is keeping up with the state-specific tax regulations, which can be intricate. However, this challenge is also what makes the work rewarding—successfully helping clients navigate and optimize their tax positions in this dynamic environment is immensely satisfying. Minnesota's diverse economy and the varied needs of its businesses and individuals provide constant stimulation, ensuring that no two cases are alike.

Tax laws can be complex and ever changing. How do you stay abreast of the latest developments and ensure your clients receive the most current advice?

Staying current in tax law is paramount, given its ever-evolving nature. I utilize a multifaceted approach, including continuous legal education, attending relevant seminars and conferences, and actively participating in professional tax organizations. Additionally, I maintain a network of colleagues and experts in the field, engaging in regular discussions to share insights and strategies. This collaborative approach ensures that my clients receive advice based on the most recent developments in tax law.

Can you share an example of a particularly complex case you handled and how you navigated the challenges it presented?

One particularly complex case involved a business facing multi-jurisdictional tax issues due to its expansion. Navigating the complexities of varying tax codes, coordinating with multiple state and national tax authorities, and ensuring compliance posed significant challenges. I addressed this by conducting exhaustive research, and leveraging advanced technology for data analysis. The successful resolution not only saved the client from potential penalties but also optimized their national tax strategy.

How do you approach working with clients who are facing serious tax issues, such as audits or disputes with the IRS?

When working with clients facing serious tax issues, such as audits or disputes with the IRS, I prioritize open communication and collaboration. I work closely with the client to gather all relevant information, conduct a thorough analysis of their situation, and develop a comprehensive strategy. Educating the client about the process and potential outcomes is crucial for managing expectations. Throughout the resolution process, I advocate vigorously on behalf of the client, aiming for the most favorable outcome while minimizing any adverse consequences.

In your opinion, what are some common misconceptions people have about tax law, and how do you address these with your clients?

Common misconceptions about tax law often revolve around its perceived complexity. I address these misconceptions by demystifying the tax code for clients, and breaking down complex concepts into understandable terms. I emphasize the proactive aspects of tax planning, illustrating how strategic planning can lead to significant savings and compliance advantages. Building a relationship based on trust and education is key to dispelling misconceptions and empowering clients to make informed decisions regarding their tax matters.

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