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Thomas Seifert

Thomas Seifert

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Thomas Seifert, now aged 67, has amassed profound expertise in high calibre criminal cases at both state court and federal court level in forty years of professional experience. He has defended in terrorism cases as well as in capital and sex offence proceedings, but also in cases of medical malpractice or white collar crime and tax fraud.

He speaks and writes German, English, French, Dutch and Latin.

As he is qualified in both German and Belgian law, he is frequently involved in cross-border criminal cases and extradition law between these two countries.

As he completed additional training in psychiatric issues with the renowned physician and court expert Prof. Dr. H. Sattes during his studies of law and philosophy at the University of Würzburg in the late 1970s, he regularly achieves astonishing successes in the defence of mentally impaired clients.

In addition, through his connections to the pharmaceutical industry, he has a worldwide network of medical professionals from all disciplines at his disposal, which he can call upon in difficult cases. This also enables him to act successfully in civil law cases with a medical connection.

In the 1990s, he worked as an examiner for the legal state examinations in the German Free State of Thuringia in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure law and as a member of the Thuringian Bar Court.

In 2018, Thomas Seifert was appointed by the Belgian King to the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics.

Finally, he published short stories and poetry in literary journals in Germany and abroad at a young age.

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