Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2023

MINING LAW LAWYER OF THE YEAR CEO - Beech Veltman Inc. Warren Beech We are grateful to have Warren Beech, a leading figure in mining law and the head of the South African law firm Beech Veltman, join us for an insightful discussion. In this interview, Warren shares his expert perspective on the multifaceted legal challenges currently facing the mining sector, particularly in South Africa, and how his firm is adeptly addressing these issues. 2023 has been a tumultuous year for the mining industry, with South African mining operations particularly hardhit. The sector has had to navigate a complex array of challenges, from cyclical demand and fluctuating exchange rates to severe infrastructural deficiencies. The situation in South Africa is further complicated by escalating criminal activity, illegal mining, rising employment costs, community activism, and protracted government bureaucracy. Amidst these challenges, Beech Veltman remains committed to providing relevant, practical advice, grounded in an in-depth understanding of both legislative changes and their real-world impact on clients. Warren shares his experience handling challenging cases in the mining, natural resources, and infrastructure sectors, highlighting the importance of early and ongoing stakeholder engagement to ensure successful outcomes. Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 112 SOUTH AFRICA

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