Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2023

How have you seen the landscape of criminal law evolve throughout your career? Are there any recent legal changes or trends that you find particularly impactful, particularly surrounding the types of cases you work on? The landscape of criminal law has evolved significantly over the 20 plus years I have been practicing. Laws have become more complex and often cases involve complicated pretrial hearings involving the admissibility of evidence or the Accused’s Charter Rights guaranteed under the Canadian constitution. When representing clients in criminal cases, what factors do you consider to ensure they receive the best possible defence? Could you share your process? I am committed to providing my clients with the best defence possible, and I think this is reflected in the philosophy I bring to my work: My preparations are careful and detailed. I stay current on changes in the law and societal trends that could affect a jury. I accept a limited number of cases at one time to ensure a very strong focus on each client’s case. I approach every client’s case individually thinking “out of the box” to find the best possible defence. My team works together to bring extensive knowledge and experience to each stage of the proceedings. What are some of the most significant challenges you face as a criminal defence lawyer, and how do you navigate these challenges? Law is a profession that continues irrespective of other factors in my life. Finding a healthy work-life balance is important. I find files can affect my life personally because I will often be thinking about the next stages of a file even when not at the office. How has the advancement of technology affected your practice in criminal law, especially in terms of investigation and evidence gathering? Technology has had an immense and profound effect on criminal law. Advances in technology have moved faster in my opinion then many areas of law. With advances in DNA testing and other evidence gathering often I will have to consult experts to review scientific reports. Lastly, looking to the future, how do you envision the field of criminal law evolving, and what goals do you have for your practice at Advocate Law? For most the criminal justice system is a complex process and for those caught up within the system to navigate without the help of a lawyer can be overwhelming. I foresee the government putting more resource into virtual or remote hearings to alleviate the need for people to travel. This will help bring faster court hearings for individuals charged. A downside will be for defendants to prepare adequately as criminal law hearings continue to become more complex. Our goals at Advocate Law are to continue to make the process as transparent as possible for our clients as we help them navigate the best outcome. “For most the criminal justice system is a complex process and for those caught up within the system to navigate without the help of a lawyer can be overwhelming.” Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 12 CANADA

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