Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2023

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 120 AUSTRALIA Peter Maatouks Law Group CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER OF THE YEAR Maatouk ABOUT PETER MAATOUK Mr Maatouk has worked in the legal industry for almost 30 years. He has grown his firm to have 4 locations with offices in Sydney CBD, Liverpool, Narellan and Penrith. The establishment of Maatouks Law Group saw Mr Maatouk as the youngest ever sole practitioner in NSW. At the heart of Mr Maatouk’s success is his capacity to understand the individual needs of his clients. It is his promise that he will be there by their side at their time of need to support them and to fight for their rights. He does not know the meaning of the words ‘give up’ and he will fight for his clients to the very end. Mr Maatouk demonstrated his ‘never give up’ attitude on the very first day that the doors of his firm were opened; even on this day of celebration, Mr Maatouk filed documents for a client seeking leave to commence proceedings in the High Court of Australia and since continued to use this attitude as a foundation of his success. Being a successful business entrepreneur in addition to being a Solicitor and Barrister, Mr Maatouk holds various qualifications and is the principal of various businesses including being an Accredited Family Law Dispute Resolution Practitioner, An Accredited Mediator, A Licenced Property Agent, and an Accredited Finance Broker, just to name a few. With a vast range of knowledge and expertise along with a world class leading team by his side, clients know that no matter what type of matters or issues they have, when they engage Mr Maatouk to act for them, they have a true honourable solicitor representing them. Being a father to 5 beautiful young children of his own, who tragically lost their mother to cancer at a very young age, his children are his world, and when he heard that NSW Private Schools were attempting to mandate Vaccinations on year 12 HSC students in order to allow them to return to school to attend their exams, he was furious. This sparked and ignited Mr Maatouk to stand up for the Civil Rights and liberties of the Australian people. Not only was he successful in having such mandates withdrawn, but he also was able to obtain exemptions for all HSC students to attend their end of year graduations in NSW. Mr Maatouk along with his team led the fight for Civil Rights in Australia during the Covid 19 lock down period. Not only did he dedicate his time and firm to thousands of hours of free Pro Bono work, but he touched and saved the lives of thousands of Australian’s during this difficult time. Maatouks Law Group was the only firm in Australia, and quite possibly the world, to win the right to a merits-based review of Covid 19 Mandates in NSW. CONTACT Peter Maatouk Maatouks Law Group Head Office 80 Terminus Street, Liverpool NSW 2170 T: +61 2 9601 7222 E:

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