Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2023

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 Delphine, can you share with us your journey towards becoming a founding partner at DPZ Avocats and your primary areas of expertise in tax law? It’s clear that my experiences in transaction tax at Big 4 in NYC and Paris, coupled with my academic background at HEC and Paris la Sorbonne, have equipped me with a diverse skill set to handle complex tax questions within tight deadlines, catering to both companies and high net worth individuals. My decision to carve my own path in tax law, despite the influence of a long line of civil servants in my family, speaks volumes about my independent spirit and desire to defend freedom. The influence of my parents as mathematics teachers likely contributed to my affinity for tax, and my multidisciplinary interests in history, languages, and mathematics undoubtedly enrich my professional practice. As a founding partner at DPZ Avocats, my passion for helping clients navigate intricate tax matters has been the cornerstone of my journey. My commitment to freedom and justice, coupled with my expertise, undoubtedly set me apart as a tax lawyer. How do you approach complex tax issues with your clients, especially those unfamiliar with the intricacies of tax law? Certainly, the complexity of tax law is a crucial aspect of the profession. When dealing with clients who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of tax law, clear communication and education are paramount. As a practitioner who started in 2005, I have witnessed the accumulation of tax legislation, making any French tax issue complex in 2024. To respond to the clients’ needs, I make it a point to break down the intricacies of tax law into understandable concepts and estimates at each step of their project, from transaction to exit. This approach ensures that clients are well-informed and empowered in their decision-making process. In the ever-evolving landscape of tax law, it’s essential to keep clients informed about the latest finance bills, administrative guidelines, case law, treaties, EU directives and OECD regulations. By providing clear and comprehensive explanations, I aim to build a trusting relationship with my clients, allowing them to have confidence in the advice and guidance I provide. Ultimately, the trust relationship between clients and lawyers in the realm of tax law is built on transparency, direct communication, and a commitment to empowering clients through valid data. This approach is fundamental in navigating the complexities of tax law and ensuring that clients feel confident in their decision-making process. In your opinion, what qualities make an effective tax lawyer? An effective tax lawyer is one who not only possesses a deep understanding of the economic landscape and tax legislation but also exhibits strong analytical skills and the ability to adapt to evolving technological, behaviours’ environment. However, in my opinion, what truly sets an effective tax lawyer apart is the development of empathy and communication skills. These qualities are essential in building trust and delivering tailored solutions, particularly when it comes to defending criminal tax cases. The impact of criminal tax law on the relationship between a client and a tax lawyer cannot be understated. When assisting a client who is facing the fear of potential financial loss due to tax issues, the tax lawyer’s role is to provide reassurance and guidance. However, when dealing with a client who is facing the prospect of losing freedom due to criminal tax charges, the dynamics of the client-tax lawyer relationship change significantly. In such cases, the tax lawyer must not only rely on technical expertise but also prioritize the human aspect of the situation. The ability to empathize with clients and effectively communicate the complexities of criminal tax law is crucial in these scenarios. By understanding and addressing the deep fears and concerns of the client, a tax lawyer can provide not only legal guidance but “My commitment to freedom and justice, coupled with my expertise, undoubtedly set me apart as a tax lawyer.” FRANCE 15

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