Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2023

NOTARY SERVICES PROVIDER OF THE YEAR Kuldip Bhatti Tel: +44 01344 374406 E: In an engaging and insightful interview with Lawyer Monthly, Kuldip Bhatti, a Notary Public and Solicitor, takes us through a day in his life, offering a rare glimpse into the often overlooked intricacies of a notary’s routine. Kuldip begins by detailing his morning preparations, emphasizing the importance of organization and readiness for the day’s appointments. He shares insights into his first tasks of the day, which are crucial for ensuring that client meetings are productive and efficient. The interview looks at the typical interactions Kuldip has with clients seeking notarization services, highlighting his thorough approach to meeting their needs. He talks about the common challenges he faces, such as client hesitation to share documents and the uncertainty about the requirement of an apostille. In addressing these challenges, Kuldip underscores the importance of clarity and confidentiality in his work. Join us for a day in the life of a Notary Public. Founder of KB Notary Public Limited Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2023 50 UNITED KINGDOM

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