Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2019

Denmark INTERLEX Advokater 44 LEGAL AWARDS 2019 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM AGRICULTURE LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR Team Agriculture Team Agriculture at INTERLEX Advokater is one of the Denmark’s leading agriculture legal teams, dedicated to fighting for the interests of agriculture regardless of the challenges our clients face. We not only solve cases on the basis of applicable understanding of the law, we have on several occasions helped to change established law and legislation through our cases. Our Team Agriculture consists of (picture from left) attorney Uffe Baller, legal secretary Dorthe Porse, assistant attorney Jacob Pedersen, attorney Caroline Louise Ganzhorn, attorney and team leader Gert Lund, legal secretary Vibeke Høeg Andersen, and attorney Birgitte Nygaard Christensen. We all work in a close-knit team with sharp focus on knowledge sharing, exchange of experience and constant further development of our competencies – all with the aim of being able to provide our clients with the best possible legal counselling in every situation. Areas of Expertise Expropriation At INTERLEX Advokater, our many years of experience has meant that we have gained special expertise in expropriation cases. We have assisted our clients in countless expropriation cases against public sector authorities with both the commissioners and the courts of law in connection with both municipal and state expropriations. Environmental Law At INTERLEX Advokater, we provide legal counselling on all aspects within environmental law and planning law, including cases concerning nature protection, environmental protection, municipal and local planning, protected land cases, pollution cases and water drainage cases and much more. Agricultural Property At INTERLEX Advokater, we have extensive specialist experience in agricultural legal factors and company structures and can therefore counsel you through the entire process, from the initial thinking and until the agricultural enterprise is transferred. Cross Compliance /EU Law At INTERLEX Advokater, we have special expertise in dealing with cases relating to decisions on infringements of crosscompliance requirements within the environment, health, animal welfare and good agricultural practice. INTERLEX ADVOKATER

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