Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2019

45 LEGAL AWARDS 2019 | WWW.LAWYER-MONTHLY.COM Denamrk INTERLEX Advokater INTERLEX Advokater Team Agriculture is just one of a number of competency areas at INTERLEX Advokater, and it has a major impact on the solutions we can offer. With a competent support base, we can help small and major farmers, both in times of crisis and during times of development. If new buildings need to be constructed, new land purchased, companies changed or prenuptial agreements signed, we can use our in-house resources from the other departments. This ensures that our legal counselling is holistic-oriented and takes into consideration both current challenges and future challenges. Our other teams are Team Business Team Business at INTERLEX Advokater is made up of in-depth specialists who are solely involved in legal matters related to running a business. But our declared goal is that we shall not only provide legal counsel – we will be more. A partner who sounds out and exchanges ideas, who provides strategic, dynamic and creative input that creates value for your company. Team Real Estate Team Real Estate at INTERLEXAdvokater fully understands that legal services are not the same for everyone. For major project developers and contractors, the law is often no different from scaffolding. The legal work is just one aspect of the bigger picture. In other situations, on the other hand, when disputes arise the legal case is bound up with emotions and a deep need for justice. Team Insolvency Team Insolvency at INTERLEX Advokater is a market leader with a professionally strong profile and many years of experience in dealing with insolvency cases at all levels. Insolvency cases are often affected by significant time constraints, but they require a calm and professional overview in order to find the correct solution. We have the necessary deep specialist knowledge, a large network of financial companies and a broad range of additional in-house competencies. Contact INTERLEX Advokater Marianne Thomsens Gade 1C, 8. DK-8000 Aarhus C. +45 87 34 34 34 | Direct contact information: Gert Lund: +45 87 34 34 34 Uffe Baller: +45 87 34 34 34 Caroline Louise Ganzhorn: +45 29 11 04 01 Birgitte Nygaard Christensen: +45 20 54 21 25 Jacob Pedersen: +45 87 34 34 34

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