Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2021

Frank Hartmann Frank Hartmann Rechtsanwalt Frank Hartmann Rechtsanwalt Am Sand 6, 36100 Petersberg Tel: 0661-69819 Fax: 0661-61089 Contact 47 Thinking strategically, exploiting legal leeway, finding creative solutions and always having a plan B – then you can optimally represent your own client. Tenancy Law Lawyer of the Year About Frank Hartmann Rechtsanwalt "Our law firm handles legal issues and disputes in connection with rental agreements and is a nationwide specialist in these questions. Since 2014, the leading German news magazine FOCUS has now listed us in the list of the best lawyers in Germany for the eighth time in a row. "The importance of leases is considerable. There are about 41.5 million apartments in Germany. About 47.5% of Germans live in a rented apartment and about 52.5% in their own home. And there is an ever-increasing number of fluctuations and mobility in Germany. There is also an increasing number of single households. "There are about 20 million leases in Germany. Every year, around 4.2 million households move in Germany. This corresponds to about 3.2 million moves into a rented apartment and leads to about 3.2 million newly concluded leases per year. "There are about 990,000 new lawsuits in district courts every year. In the case of lawsuits, the proportion of residential rental items is at least 250,000 and thus 25%. "In the case of commercial leases, there are about 450,000 new commercial leases per year. And from commercial leases, the basis of professional activity and business success is often related. Commercial rentals must run over a longer period of time in order to be plannable. It is precisely here that there are significant economic effects if bad leases have been negotiated. "The legal basis for tenancy law is the legal regulations, the rental contracts themselves and the judgements of the courts. Each landlord or tenant has only one possibility of design: In the preparation and implementation of advantageous leases. However, once the contract has been signed, there are only a few possibilities for change. Then you have to prove what was meant, or you have to interpret. "We help you create reasonable leases. And we help when it comes to the termination of leases. If you know the tricks, you can avoid the traps." LAWYER MONTHLY LEGAL AWARDS 2021 GERMANY

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