Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2021

Gerhard Ruby RUBY Law Firm Inheritance Law Lawyer of the Year About Gerhard Ruby Ruby heads the Baden-Württemberg section of the German Forum for Inheritance Law and founded the inheritance Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg, which informed with weekly sessions on inheritance law and inheritance tax law. He invented the so-called inheritance days , the first time in 1998 in Villingen-Schwenningen were organised. The Inheritance Law Days have become a trademark for the German Forum for Inheritance Law. Many hundreds of such days of inheritance law have been and are being carried out by the forum nationwide. Its aim is to provide understandable information to the population about inheritance law and inheritance tax law. Ruby is a scientific advisor to the two journals ZEV and ZErb. For many years he has published specialist articles on inheritance law issues in these and other journals. He is the author or co-author of various works on inheritance law, such as B. the practical handbook inheritance law advice in Otto-Schmidt-Verlag, the process form book inheritance law in Verlag CH Beck , the handbook inheritance law in Erich Schmidt Verlag, the "gray commentary inheritance law" (Burandt / Rojahn) as well as online Comment in Beck-Verlag and the books "Disabled Testament" in ZErb-Verlag and "Erbenhaftung" in the publisher of the German Forum for Inheritance Law . Ruby is ranked among the leading inheritance lawyers in Germany by Wirtschaftswoche (2019 and 2009) and the news magazine Focus (2000 to 2020) in their ranking lists. He works as a lecturer for inheritance law and inheritance tax law in the training of lawyers, judges and notaries nationwide. Ruby inheritance law firm maintains offices in Villingen-Schwenningen , Konstanz , Rottweil and Radolfzell in Baden-Württemberg. GERMANY LAWYER MONTHLY LEGAL AWARDS 2021 48 Gerhard Ruby RUBY Law Firm Tel: 07721 9930505 Email: Contact RUBY Law Firm According to FOCUS and WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE, the inheritance RUBY Law Firm has been one of the top law firms for inheritance law in Germany for over 20 years! Wills, compulsory portions, certificates of inheritance, communities of heirs and tax-optimised handovers are our daily bread. We help you too.

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