Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 Don’t let his boyish grin fool you; Brenden is a seasoned litigator with an impressive range of experience. Since he was a child, he was raised to be an attorney. His father, Michael V. Kelley, was a successful trial lawyer who made a name for himself fighting for the families of Ohio Steelworkers, and his mother, Lynn Arko Kelley, is a former Cleveland Heights Municipal Court Judge who served as Guardian ad Litem for hundreds of children in Northeast Ohio. However, at just 16, he learned a hard lesson: when you trust the wrong person, your American Dream can quickly be snatched away. He watched as his family was nearly destroyed by an uncaring legal system and the lawyers who tried to exploit it after his father passed away. Thankfully, he and his mother found a lawyer, Bill Wuliger, who cared about his clients and fought like hell for them. When it was time for him to begin his legal career, there was only one real option: to work for Bill protecting the same kind of people and fighting just as hard. After cutting his teeth with his mentor, Brenden started his own practice in 2022 serving small business owners and victims of attorney malpractice. “Good lawyers have this amazing ability to come into a client’s life and to take on a client’s burdens as their own. Good lawyers give their voice in order to get justice for the voiceless. I strive to be like my father and Bill. I strive to be the kind of lawyer who will put those burdens on my shoulders and fight until I have nothing left.” Some highlights of his young career include recovering over a million dollars for clients, negotiating and drafting multimillion-dollar real estate transactions, designing estate plans for families with assets over $80 million, successfully arguing countless motions in state and federal court, and serving as corporate representative for multiple corporations and trusts in litigation. “While both my father and Bill have passed, I carry on in their honor. They ignited a flame within me many years ago and I have no intention of letting it burn out.” About Brenden Kelley Brenden P. Kelley, Esq Attorney Brenden Kelley Law LITIGATION LAWYER OF THE YEAR • Business Law • Attorney Malpractice • Estate Planning Practice Areas Brenden P. Kelley, Esq Brenden Kelley Law 8472 E Washington St., Suite 114 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023 T: 216-644-3359 E: Contact 119 USA

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