Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Mr. Oakes received his Juris Doctor from The Saint Louis University School of Law, where he received American Jurisprudence awards for excellence in legal studies. Mr. Oakes received his undergraduate degree from Dickinson College and received the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants award for excellence in accounting studies. This combination of Mr. Oakes’ legal and financial background has been invaluable in the pursuit of compensation for his clients who have had their brokerage accounts mishandled. In order to focus exclusively on these types of cases, in 2003, Mr. Oakes, along with his law partner, Richard Fosher, formed Oakes & Fosher, LLC. Since forming the firm, Oakes & Fosher, has tried numerous FINRA arbitrations across the country. In fact, over the last 12 years, Oakes & Fosher has tried and won more FINRA arbitrations on behalf of individual investors than any other law firm in the country. Oakes & Fosher, LLC represents clients nationwide and does so on a contingency fee basis whereby clients only pay attorneys’ fees if there is a recovery. Oakes & Fosher, LLC has been appointed by courts to handle securities arbitration cases on behalf of disabled minors whose funds were mishandled by investment advisors as well as by a county government to prosecute a case involving mishandling of government funds. Oakes & Fosher also successfully prosecuted a multi-million-dollar FINRA arbitration involving the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Oakes & Fosher, LLC has an outstanding support staff consisting of 4 paralegals who have been with the firm for the last 13 years. The firm is proud of its accomplishments; however, the greatest satisfaction comes from helping clients that have lost their retirement assets and recovering those funds, which gives our clients an opportunity to once again enjoy their retirement. Although Mr. Oakes is the one who tries the actual cases, he would not be able to do so effectively without his law partner, Richard Fosher. Richard Fosher graduated with honors from Saint Louis University School of Law and was editor of the University’s law journal. Mr. Fosher handles much of the pre-trial legal work, including drafting pleadings, handling discovery, and arguing pre-trial motions as well as dealing with any post-trial and appellate issues. Mr. Fosher has given lectures on FINRA arbitration, and he also serves as a FINRA arbitrator. FINRA stands for the Financial Regulatory Authority and was a merger of the NYSE and the NASD securities enforcement arms. FINRA is a self-regulatory authority that regulates the sale of securities by licensed firms and brokers. FINRA also provides the forum for resolving disputes through arbitration. Trying a FINRA arbitration case is not that much different from being in court. The main difference is that instead of a judge and/or jury, the tribunal consists of a neutral three-member panel. The discovery process is also streamlined as depositions are typically not allowed, and requests for information are limited. The cases are document intensive though, and Mr. Oakes’ experience in securities gives him a unique perspective on many of the industry specific documents. The typical hearing lasts 4 days and involves opening statements, witness examinations, and closing arguments. One of Mr. Oakes clients, after a case commented that “recently, we went through a six-day arbitration hearing in Denver, CO. Bruce Oakes was “THE” most fantastic legal mind we could possibly have to represent us. He was prepared, always engaged and brilliant!” Another remarked that Bruce was “highly experienced in resolving cases like ours, and quietly confident, he made himself available whenever we had a concern, and, more important, made us feel like our case was a priority.” *prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome About Bruce Oakes Oakes Bruce Co-Founder of Oakes & Fosher, LLC 120 USA Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022

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