Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 business adverse constraints. Higher legal risks and frustration. For example 98% of users simply give up and do not read privacy policies, worsening the privacy paradox. And the European Commission found that 97% of Europeans’ favorite e-commerce websites contain at least one dark or deceptive pattern: an interface that deceives or manipulates users. What is your methodology for solving this problem? Human-centricity (i.e. solid user research) design, combined with neurosciences, plain language expertise and all of the facets of design. Obviously, this is a multi-disciplinary approach where designers collaborate with neuroscientists, lawyers and users to co-create solutions. Co-creation is very powerful to facilitate change in a way that empowers everyone. We also strongly believe in fast prototyping, and above all thorough user testing, iteration then delivery. How has this approach been applied? For example, we apply this methodology to litigation design where we work with leading law firms in 19 jurisdictions accross the EU to: - integrate neurosciences and in particular cognitive biases analysis in their litigation strategy, - design written submissions to ease the cognitive load of judges and facilitate facts and arguments checking, - create impactful visuals on complex legal concepts, so that all judges, regardless of their level of expertise in the given area of law, can easily grasp them. This approach is particularly helpful in class actions and follow-on litigation cases, e.g. civil litigation after a regulatory fine. We’re seeing the first results where our deliverables are sometimes discussed during hearings. “98% of users simply give up and do not read privacy policies, worsening the privacy paradox.” Firm Profile We are an award-winning legal innovation studio, bridging the gap between the law and its users. We transform legal documents, processes and services into action tools that empower all users. We specialize in creating “fair patterns”: interfaces that empower users to make enlightened, thus free choices. Our multidisciplinary approach combines user-centricity, neurosciences, plain language and all the facets of design. Contact Marie Potel-Saville Tel: +33 (0)6 33 84 10 25 - France Email: Web: Areas of Expertise • Innovation by Design • Legal Design • Design Thinking • Fighting Dark & Deceptive Patterns - creating Fair Patterns • Litigation Design • Privacy Design • Public Sector & Regulation • Accessibility of the law 49 FRANCE

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