Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2022

Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2022 Mr. Peter Petrat holds two state law exams, a master’s degree (Master of Laws, focus: International Management) and is currently finishing his PhD in Economics on a topic related to the compliance sector. He has worked as a lawyer for 7 years and since the beginning has focused on advising on data protection and compliance, both in the regulated banking sector and in the private sector. Firm Profile Before you can win the trust of your business partners, you must earn the trust of your clients. In the area of compliance, this applies both to advice from an external lawyer and to the work of an in-house lawyer. In order to be the right contact person in these sensitive topics, you as a lawyer must be able to score points in the following three aspects: 1. deep understanding of your client’s business model. You need to know the products and services, the environment and the business environment. This is the only way to understand your client’s needs and requirements. 2. compliance is often seen as a burden and unnecessary bureaucracy. You must prove that you can recommend viable legal solutions that are consistent with your client’s business efforts. There will never be legally perfect 100% solutions. 3. simple question - simple answer? This is rarely the case with legal issues. However, the client would prefer such an answer. Therefore, you must be able to summarize the highly complex matter of evaluating the facts and legal assessment to the really relevant minimum. The focus and a simple and understandable language without many technical terms is the key to convince your client. About Peter Petrat Peter Petrat Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Petrat COMPLIANCE LAWYER OF THE YEAR • Company Law • Data Privacy • Compliance Areas of Expertise Contact Peter Petrat Niederwiesenring 30 63110 Rodgau T: 06106/285848 F: 06106/21801 M: 0176/81099152 E: 57 GERMANY

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