Lawyer Monthly - Legal Awards 2021

Americas Argentina Santiago R. O’Conor O’Conor Power-IP LAW Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year 76 Brazil Juliana Nascimento Compliance Women Committee Anti-Corruption Lawyer of the Year Karina Carmona David do Nascimento Advogados Intellectual Property Expert of the Year Letícia S. Baddauy L. Baddauy Advocacia Agribusiness & Business Adviser of the Year 78 Mauricio Lopes de Oliveira Raimundo Lopes de Oliveira Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year British Virgin Islands Hana Doumal BVI International Arbitration Centre Arbitration Adviser of the Year Canada Andrew Foti Avokka Professional Corporation Best General Counsel Service Anthony Strawson Felesky Flynn Corporate Tax Planning Lawyer of the Year Brenda Picard Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission Human Rights Law Adviser of the Year Denis A. Chamberland Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Procurement Law Lawyer of the Year Evan Cooke Eyford Partners LLP Municipal Law Lawyer of the Year Hong Guo Guo Law Corporation Commercial and Corporate Lawyer of the Year 81 J. Najeeb Hassan BC Labour Relations Board Labour Law Adviser of the Year Jeffrey Meyers Thompson Rivers University Constitutional Law Expert of the Year Jennifer Woodruff Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator Collaborative Divorce Lawyer of the Year Jen-Yii Liew Gelgoot & Partners LLP Family Law Lawyer of the Year Linda Galessiere Camelino Galessiere Corporate Commercial Litigation Lawyer of the Year Lynn Korbak Toromont Industries Ltd. General Counsel of the Year Michael Birdsell Birdsell Grant LLP Real Estate Law Firm of the Year PatentAxis Inc. PatentAxis Inc. Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year 82 Sarita Samaroo SST Law Professional Corporation Real Estate Law Lawyer of the Year Sébastien Lanctôt University of Sherbrooke Insurance Law Lawyer of the Year 11 LAWYER MONTHLY LEGAL AWARDS 2021 INDEX Helen Clifford Helen Clifford Law Personal Injury Solicitor of the Year FEATURED WI NNER UNITED KINGDOM 38

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